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My Experience of Baby Led Weaning!

I weaned my first baby with homemade purees, some years ago now. I didn’t have any difficulties moving her from purees to lumps or different textures. She ate a wide variety of vegetables meat and fish. In the last year I have been weaning my second daughter who made the move to baby led weaning of her own accord and didn’t give us the choice. As you can see from the picture below she was showing an interest in food just before 6 months.

​I offered her homemade purees as I did with my first baby, but she refused to let anybody put a spoon in her mouth, always preferring to eat tiny pieces of very soft food with her fingers from her highchair tray.  It surprised me how she was able to do it herself without any teeth. I watched her very carefully at meal times and didn’t leave her alone for a second.

She eats a variety of foods and is pretty self-regulating. Some meals she will just choose to eat cooked carrots other meals just tiny pieces of chicken breast, but if you look at it over the whole week it seems to balance out. Sometimes lunch is at 3pm which isn’t very convenient for everyone else but this is when she’s hungry! Other days she’ll have two dinners, one at 5pm and another when we eat at around 7pm.

It’s been great, I wish I had tried baby led weaning with my first baby. The only down side has been watching my husband trying to sweep up scrambled egg!!
Here is a link on Baby Led Weaning from the national childbirth trust

​​ Have you tried baby led weaning? How did you find it?

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