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Is it okay to have long hair at 37?

I have spent most of my life with long hair past my shoulders. When I was in my 20’s I always thought by the age of 35 I would have short hair because that’s what is expected as you get older.  I think it’s actually quite common to feel a sense of social pressure to cut your hair into a shorter style as you get older.

I’m now approaching 37 with the dilemma of whether to have my hair cut short or change my ‘YOU MUST HAVE SHORT HAIR AGE’, adding on a couple of years as I have done the last couple of birthdays!

What age should you cut your hair short

I like the idea of a ‘lob’ (long bob) but don’t think it would go well with my current lifestyle. With two children I don’t always have time to blow dry and style my hair, often just putting it in a ponytail for quickness and to keep it out the way. I am lucky to have thick hair and I make sure I get it trimmed regularly so it’s in fairly good condition.

The other consideration is my husband, he particularly likes long hair and would prefer me to keep it as it is! My mother has also helpfully advised, that research shows if a man has an affair it’s usually with someone with longer hair then their current partner!!

With all this in mind I think I’ll end up postponing my chop until next year. . . .as I always do!

Below is a link to age appropriate hair!

What are your thoughts?

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