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Travelling with a Baby

Having recently returned from an amazing holiday with my family, I thought I would share my experience of travelling with my very active eighteen month old!

My first daughter at the age of two and a half sat happily on a plane for eight hours, the only problem being the colour of the toilet seat as it was different from at home. I knew that travelling with my second daughter, who is more of a challenge, would be quite different!

I decided to book a holiday to Albufeira Portugal, as the flight time wasn’t too long (just over two hours) and chose a resort we had been to before, so I knew what facilities were available and could plan for maximum relaxation!

Travelling with a Baby


As our daughter was under two, we chose not to book a seat for her on the plane and had her on our knees. With hindsight, I would have booked her a seat as she was quite happy on the plane sitting in my husband’s seat while he stood up in the aisle for most of the journey. Unfortunately, we were delayed both ways due to air strikes and the weather, which increased our travelling time by at least an extra hour. So pleased we chose a location that wasn’t too far!

I also downloaded a few episodes of my daughter’s favourite children’s programmes Peppa Pig and Postman Pat. Although they were repeated many times during the flight and our holiday, they kept her entertained when absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, our 18 month old was not affected by the taking off or landing but we did take an empty bottle and carton of milk so she had something to suck on if needed.

I checked before booking the flight that we were able to take a car seat, travel cot and pushchair if required. On this occasion we only needed to take a pushchair. The accommodation provided a cot and we weren’t planning on hiring a car as the beach was only a 25 minute walk from the resort. The transfer from the airport was excellent and provided a clean and more importantly, suitable car seat. As our pushchair folds down into two separate pieces we took a tie/bungee to keep it together whilst flying.

We stayed at Eden Resort in a self-catering 3 bedroom villa with garden. The garden was perfect for entertaining our 18 month old daughter while we were at the villa and kept her fairly contained and in the shade.

The baby splash pools in the resort were perfect as they were warm and shallow with plenty of space to sit on the side while supervising.

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There was a supermarket within a 10 min walk where we could buy nappies, wet wipes etc if needed. The only downside was the stairs in the villa, they were long and very steep and made of stone so a stair gate would have made life much easier.

What is your experience of travelling with a toddler or baby? Have you any useful tips?


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