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Baby Shower Activities - No Silly Games

If you are planning a baby shower and want to make it memorable and fun without silly games, check out our top 5 ideas below . . . 

  1. Time Capsule

Ask each guest to bring an item from the current year/month to create a time capsule to be read in years to come.

Suggestions to include: Newspaper / mags / Stamps / Coins / Notes / Royal Family / Music

  1. Decorate wooden peg dolls

Selfie with a twist  - have fun with your friends and family painting each other on a wooden peg doll, a handmade sentimental gift!

Painting wooden peg dolls

Photo from Baby Doll Ideas

  1. Video messages to the baby:

Introduce yourself to the baby

Tell funny stories about the parents

Talk about the baby’s first house and where it is

  1. Decorate Wooden Blocks

Occupy guests decorating wooden Blocks. This gives your family and friends a chance to present the baby with a heartfelt, handmade gift.

Customise the blocks using paints, fabrics and patterned paper.

  1. Favourite book

Ask guests to bring their favourite childhood book as a gift and take it in turns to explain to each other why they loved the book as a youngster.  



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