Corporate Baby Gifting - When to Gift

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It’s one thing being able to find the perfect gift for a colleague, it’s another altogether to know when to give it to them. Before the birth or after the birth; which is the most appropriate and which will be the most appreciated? Here we look at both options so you can assess which would be best for you and the parent to be…

Buying before the baby is born

The lovely thing about buying before the baby is born, are the options when you present the gift. You have the option of gifting as part of a ceremony. This is a chance to gather the team together and thank your colleague for their hard work and say congratulations in advance. It can be as formal or informal as you like and can involve whoever you wish. Some companies get a cake and decorate the team member’s desk or work area and make a mini-baby shower of it! A great way to recognise staff and show your appreciation during this life changing period.

Buying before also means that you can involve the rest of the team and a collection can be gathered. This means that all the team have the chance to contribute and once funds are combined you can get a real standout gift for the parent to be.

You likely won’t know the baby's name before it is born and you very possibly won’t know their gender either. Snoozing Mouse, who specialise in corporate gifting, offer a gorgeous range of neutral, unisex hampers which manage to bridge the gap and offer a more personal approach without knowing that key information!


Buying after the baby is born

If you decide to wait until the baby is born, your gift can be appropriately pink or blue and even better, you can personalise with the baby’s name, birth date and weight if you wish and get your colleague a really personal and memorable gift. Snoozing Mouse have a lovely range of luxury personalised gifts including super-soft blankets with the baby’s name added in hand sewn applique lettering or bright and colourful baby frames which display all the key newborn details, which both make a really special and memorable gift.

Personalised Baby Hamper Box


Lamb Baby Gift Set

Send your gift to the new parents with a personal message

One of the best things about a business buying their baby gift after the birth, especially if your colleague is the Mum, is that it’s a great way to keep in touch. It gives you a happy and positive reason to make contact, see how they are doing and keep them updated, if they wish, with news from work. This can be really appreciated when they’re away and is a lovely way to show that they are still included and valued.

Deciding when to buy your gift, before or after the birth is just a matter of personal choice. Weigh up which options follow your company values and which options would have the best impact on the new parents. The gifts available are equally as special and will make your employee feel valued.

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