Corporate Branding of Your New Baby Gifts

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The latest trend to sweep the corporate baby gifting world is corporate branding. As a nation we are all loving personalising our keepsakes and special presents, and organisations are no different.

Corporate baby gift branding


The corporate world has long been a fan of personalisation; with t-shirts and other clothing, baseball caps, pens, drinks coasters, golf tees and umbrellas being some of the most popular items to brand with a company name or logo. But this new development of corporate branding your new baby gifts, available at Snoozing Mouse, shows a more sensitive and thoughtful side of corporate personalisation.

The choice of a new baby gift for an organisation can be a challenge. It’s such an important time in someone’s life when they have a baby and regardless of whether your employee is male or female, it’s a vital time to show them they are valued and supported by their team and the business. The most obvious, visible and memorable way to do this is with a new baby gift. Which makes the decision of exactly what to purchase all the more important and all the more difficult!

Perhaps this is why businesses are embracing the new option for corporate branding their baby gift. As an extra special touch to the baby gift, a company logo or even just a hint of something relevant to your company, can really show a personal effort and give the new parents an extra memorable keepsake.

The design choice can be entirely personal; it may be that your logo is much loved by employees and seems appropriate. A lot of businesses are preferring to add a relevant hint of what the organisation does or the market in which they operate. So, for example, an adorable recent example, is the commercial airline who added a subtle aeroplane motif to a beautiful sleepsuit and baby blanket they were gifting to the new baby of one of their employees. The new parents loved the gifts and especially commented on how very personal they felt.

When buying your new baby corporate gift from us, as well as the option to add that personal touch, organisations can trust that the presentation and attention to detail are excellent. Only very high quality cotton products are used and the gorgeous gift boxes and hampers are often as enthusiastically received as the actual gifts, themselves being lovely items to treasure and keep. As well as the personal motif, a bespoke gift tag can be added with your personal message included to create the perfect finish.

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