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These days it’s totally established for businesses to give presents to their employees who are expectant Mums. It would seem very strange for a woman to go on maternity leave and not be presented with a gift from the firm to welcome the baby and recognise her new role. However, it’s very definitely not quite the same when the parent is the Dad!

Does Dad Really Get Forgotten?

Some firms are determined to treat parents equally and always gift the same level or sort of gift to both new Mums and new Dads but with others, it’s just not something that is done or thought about. So yes, in many case Dad can and does get forgotten. Sometimes it’s not widely known that a man is going to become a Dad, there’s a distinct lack of that give-away bump for starters, so while direct colleagues and managers will need to know so that the Dad can be at the birth, the news may not have reached the department who arranges gifts. For this reason, it’s really important that companies start recognising that new Dads should receive gifts too and ensure the right people are informed within an organisation so a gift can be arranged.

Why Buy for Dad?

It’s so important for a company to celebrate new Dads; not only is it a great opportunity to show your appreciation of your employee, to gain their appreciation and to show you recognise them, but it’s also very respectful to highlight that you understand becoming a father is a massive change in their life and you want to support them at this time.

Society is really starting to change its views on fathers; paternity laws mean new fathers get 1 or 2 weeks paid paternity leave to be taken any time within 56 days of the birth and now also may be entitled to Shared Parental Leave too. There is also growing evidence that Dad being present in those early weeks and months has a significant positive impact on families. Businesses can show their support of the role of fathers by having equal maternity and paternity gifting arrangements.

What to Gift for Paternity Gifting

Some companies are very nervous about what to gift new fathers. The traditional bunch of flowers or bottle of champagne gifts seem very feminine and are out of vogue for new Mums at the moment let alone for the Dads. It can be trickier with Dads as so often it seems to be the Mum who will chat to her colleagues and talk about what she still needs for the baby, with Dad’s these conversations aren’t so common so you are more in the dark about what to gift.

At Snoozing Mouse, we often get approached by companies who are keen to have a cohesive gifting approach; so, everyone gets the same, it’s fair, easy for the company and appreciated by the Mums and Dads. We tend to recommend one of our luxury hampers which conveniently come in Baby Boy, Baby Girl and Unisex options so even if you are buying before the birth and don’t yet know the gender of the baby, there is something suitable. The hampers are both beautiful and practical and would be very much appreciated by both new Mums AND new Dads.

New Baby Hamper

Personalised Baby Hamper

So don’t forget paternity gifts, they are just as important as maternity gifts and are an excellent chance to show the new Dad that they are special too.

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