Crazy Toddler Eating. . .

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Baby led feeding went well for us until my baby could point to the biscuit cupboard! At nearly two my daughter has quite an unusual eating pattern. . . .There is no real pattern! One day chicken and vegetables will be fine, another day the whole lot will end up on the floor. Very rarely will she eat breakfast before 10am, one day toast will be okay and another day it’s the worst thing ever! Lunch can be just carrot or sometimes only the potato.

Toddler eating habbits


It’s difficult to plan an outing as I know she will be hungry at some point but most foods you would take to offer as a snack she often refuses to eat e.g fruit, sandwich, biscuits. There is no persuading her even if she’d eaten the food the day before.

We sit down together as a family for meals and she sees us eating the same things, sometimes she’ll join in, other times she refuses.

On the plus side over a 24hr period she probably gets the nutrients she needs but in a very odd sporadic way! She’s a lovely healthy size and shape with plenty of energy.

It could be very easy to get stressed as it can dominate the day. I try to stay relaxed and still offer a variety of different foods at meal times and throughout the day when she asks.  On occasions I have questioned whether I am doing something wrong. I look back to my first daughter who consistently ate a wide variety of foods at normal times. I found the following article on ‘The Psychology Behind Your Child’s Fussy Eating’ helpful along with ‘How To Solve 12 Toddler Eating Problems’ 

Have you had similar experiences? What worked for you? 


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