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Fit Dad to Fat Dad - Part 3

It’s been nearly a year since I wrote Fit Dad to Fat Dad – Part Two, so it’s time for an honest, realistic, non fibbing update.

This is a brutal wake up call to myself writing this update, as my progress has not been brilliant. The desire is there but the reasons or excuses (delete as appropriate) for not running seem to be greater.

Fit dad to fat dad

Lets paint a picture. I’m the same Dad as any Dad reading this right now, I work and I come home… sometimes to idyllic behaved children and sometimes to utter chaos.

Either way, the first thing I try to do is to cause a distraction – Anything…  make them laugh, make them dinner, take them away. 

4-6pm is the witching hour in our house and I’m sure yours is too – They are hungry, cranky and a change of scene can buy you a little time.  This can give my poor wife a little space to do something else without the hassle of toddlers and teenagers asking a million questions, crying, fighting, mopping up spills, wanting yet another biscuit that ends up crushed on the sofa. You get the idea.

This sounds like a chore but it’s not – I love it

Only yesterday, putting a clean duvet back on the bed, or trying to… bought me nearly 40 minutes of laughing, jumping, stories of the day, school gossip. This is Dad Duty and it’s the highlight of my day.

The time is ticking – My window to get out and run is slowly closing but this is totally my choice. I could go out and run at midnight but I choose not to, so the whole window closing metaphor is just utter rubbish.

One thing to make clear is I have plenty of opportunities to run. It’s my choice to indulge in Dad Duty and make excuses not to go.

As I get older, my tummy is bigger than it was, my eyes are knackered which gives everyone perfect ammunition to laugh as I try to read something and my slight addiction to the sweeter things in life… biscuits, cake, fizzy drinks and maybe the odd chocolate raisin is definitely my downfall.  However I don’t feel I’m out of control.

I’m in a lucky place, I don’t have one of those tummy’s that droops down beyond my t-shirt. I simply don’t feel as fit or as trim as I once did, so it’s not too late – but I am enjoying every moment I can with my kids and family.

I’d rather be tired and chubby than miss out on these golden and irreplaceable years - They won’t be small forever and time goes so fast.

Author Andy x 

What works for you? How do you find time to exercise?


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