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Fit Dad to Fat Dad – Part Two

It’s been a few months since I wrote ‘Fit Dad to Fat Dad’ so I thought I’d write an update and tell you the story so far.

Well… lovingly both my girls and I refer to me as ‘Daddy Pig’. There’s a lot of tummy rubbing and patting and on more than a few occasions my daughter has fallen asleep thanks to the power of my warm tummy.

So there you go, in the nicest way possible, I feel it’s safe to say that ‘Fit Dad’ is still a long way off.

I have been running but I know once a week just isn’t enough.

There’s another big factor that just hasn’t helped and it’s called the Damn Bake Off. You’d think following the Bake Off can’t be that bad. Don’t be fooled, it’s full of butter icing and raw cake mixture which has to be one of the nicest indulgences in the world and don’t forget the actual thing you bake needs to be polished off…

Yeah… I think I see where it’s gone wrong again   

It’s that same old ‘What’s your priority?’ coming round again mixed with a little ‘Time Management’. And really what that means is I should go for a run the minute I get home. The reality of that is when I open the door I’m greeted by two girls running to me to tell me about the school gossip and the latest Dab and the other who wants a cuddle and take my phone out my pocket to watch Peppa Pig cuddled up on the sofa and not to mention my lovely wife who has had this chaos since 6am and really does need and deserve a break.

Excuses Excuses – Go later then !

…and later there’s bath time which has to be one of the best moments of the day. I can make my daughter laugh so hard at bath time that she holds her tummy as if she can’t breathe (Do you remember that amazing feeling from school when something was so funny you couldn’t breathe?)

…and then there’s milk at bed time - I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Bedtime Story

Time goes so fast and I’ve watched this little baby grow in to a cute, cheeky, hilarious little person and I’m not prepared to miss out.

It’s simple – you have choices. I don’t want to be ‘Fat Dad’ but I also don’t want to be the Dad who’s never there. That is not an option.

So is ‘Fat Dad’ here to stay? I hope not but I hope I’ve highlighted a good few reasons why pounding the pavement will never be my first priority.


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