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Getting back into shape after two caesareans. . .

Having had my first caesarean in my 20’s, I knew that second time around in my mid 30’s it would be harder to lose weight and get back into shape. Another child to consider as well as a new baby, how was I going to do it?

When I came out of hospital, after giving birth to my second daughter I was very puffy, bruised and my stomach was like a wobbly jelly.


My goal was to fit back into my clothes and feel as fit and healthy as I did pre-pregnancy, no matter how long that was going to take.

I took it easy for the first few weeks, but gradually mobilised, following advice from the hospital, carrying out specific post pregnancy exercises and making sure I was not just sitting. I ate healthy meals avoiding sugar and filled up on protein and vegetables.

As I began to feel better and more human, I started walking with the pushchair, only small slow walks to begin with. After a while I was able to walk my older daughter to school and back. It was hard work getting out the house on time with a new baby, but I was determined, it felt great having some fresh air and also gave me the chance to chat to my older daughter and other mums on the way to school.

My six week check with the doctor came round quickly. All was okay and there were no problems with healing etc. I asked for advice regarding what exercise I should/could do next and was told I could do whatever I felt comfortable with. I was hoping for more specific advice, as although I felt ok I was aware that if I did too much or the wrong exercises I could cause internal damage, which would set me back.

For the following three months I continued walking, adding extra walks in the day where I could. I kept up with my healthy eating following the James Duigan Clean & Lean diet book .

By four months, I was able to fit in my clothes again comfortably, but had lost muscle tone and still had a gap between my abdominal muscles (Diastasis Recti). I felt ready to return to the gym and try some classes, fortunately my instructor was qualified in postnatal exercise and ensured I wasn’t doing exercises that would hinder my abdominal muscles coming back together. I was patient and persistent and gradually saw a change in my appearance and muscle tone. I kept walking (and still do now) it’s not always possible to fit in gym sessions with a busy life and two children.

Getting back into shape after pregnancyMums that workout

What are your experiences?

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  • Nomadiccrossfit on

    So inspiring! Well done and thank you for sharing your experiences. I’ll be promoting this to others. Mrs Nomad has had 2 x C-Sections too and I know will appreciate your posts.

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