I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

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Do you have a strictly December rule where Christmas starts on 1st December?  Or are you the house that has the tree and decorations up the day after Bonfire night?

When you are three, there’s no surprise that Christmas is really exciting but there’s also no surprise that from September time there are constant reminders in the shops and on television that Christmas is coming. So how do you calm a very excited little person as early as September because they want it NOW!

We had a very very excited conversation with our little mouse only yesterday who said that she wanted to look for Christmas presents. 

Now this is quite normal as our little three year old can quite easily and happily navigate round an iPad or laptop looking a pictures of toys so I didn’t really worry that this was going to prompt quite a range of confusion.

Looking back, I remember the very exciting time I was allowed to circle toys in the Argos and Freemans catalogue with a big black marker, but I’m pretty sure this didn’t start in late September!! But as a kid it was a very exciting pre Christmas thing to do.

So back to my excited little elf…

Toddler Christmas

“Is it Christmas now?” are five adorable words that make any parent go ‘Awww how cute’. Now repeat that phrase constantly for the next few hours and I’m soon trying to think of a way to defuse this ‘CODE RED’ situation.

We tried to explain this in ‘sleeps’ and explain there are many, many sleeps to go. “How high can you count?” we ask.

‘123456789 – to about 20’ so she knew that’s a super high number…

 “It’s even more sleeps than that!” we explain lovingly

 The next few days follow the same start. 

  1. Wake Up
  2. Rub Eyes
  3. Ask if it’s Christmas yet… 

It’s dangerous to say ‘nearly’ we have to say ‘not today my lovely’ 

So after perfectly avoiding any further talk of “C” but offering something else equally amazing… Toast and Jam and ‘you can spread the jam’ 

The next thing to note was quite a funny sight. She was moving her toys, but not even attempting to play with them. We questioned what she was doing, to be told quite firmly, “I’m making space for my presents.” 

Followed by “I’ll wait on the bed for Christmas.” 

This quickly escalated into a conversation about Father Christmas and a look of terror. I don’t ever recall explaining that Father Christmas comes into your house. But in a world where you do teach your kids about not talking to strangers etc I can totally understand why a three year old would be terrified about a fat man coming down the chimney to deliver presents, especially when even the grumpy postman has the minimal etiquette to at least knock first. 

So we had to explain that Mummy and Daddy will get all the presents and the Reindeers deliver the presents but only to the outside of the house. This was met with visible belief and relief. PHEW 

Christmas is HARD !! 

So, it’s mid October and there are still questions about Christmas but we are trying to highlight how exciting Halloween and Bonfire Night is… and reassuring her that the Reindeers WILL stay outside and that we can feed them carrots. 

It’s going to be a long, but fun few months ahead! 

How do you deal with all the early Christmas questions from your little elves?




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