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My Changing Bag Experience........Crumbs and All!!

With a ten year gap between my babies, I forgot just how much ‘stuff’ is required for trips out with a baby, and how hard organising it can be if you haven’t got the right changing bag!

After purchasing a soft leather bag that sadly didn’t stand up to the job I purchased this beautiful, but very practical Casa Bebe Swarovski changing bag:

This bag is very spacious. The large pockets are perfect and the changing mat provided, stores easily in the bag. It has a shoulder strap and carry handles but also includes shorter straps for attaching to the pushchair or Pram handles. 

A look inside my bag

Changing Mat 
I always use the changing mat when I’m out, it’s perfect for use in public places when hygiene is so important for a baby.

Nappies & Nappy Sacks
I make sure I have at least 3 nappies and a handful of nappy sacks in the bag at any time. I keep them in the large pocket at the side so I can get to them easily when I’m out.  

Wet Wipes  
I always have a pack of wet wipes in the bag...unless my husband has taken them out (this happens a lot, so be warned!)  

Bottles and Milk 
Sterilised bottles, and ready - made formula milk, if you’re not breastfeeding.

Spare Clothes
I have a complete set of clothes folded up in the bottom of the bag. I would include a vest, sleepsuit and cardigan for a younger baby and something easier to get on once they are older; leggings and top with spare socks. I would always include a sun hat and cream in the summer and gloves and hat for the winter.

In the early days at least 3 bibs – you can never have enough bibs!!

Anti-bacterial Hand Gel
This is a must have for me as some places we visit aren’t as clean as others! 

Purse, Keys, Phone  
I always put these in the other side pocket so I don’t have to rummage in the bag when I’m out. 

I keep these in the pocket with my purse in case I have time to touch up my make up when I’m out. Still trying to look good after months of no sleep!             
Overall, the bag has been excellent. It is wipe-able, which is perfect when you have lots of crumbs and spillages! It still looks great after almost two years of use.
The only down side to this gorgeous pink bag is that my husband gets a little bit embarrassed if he has to hold it while we’re out! He does have his own black baby backpack though!

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