My guide to accepting sticky fingers and more in your beautiful home. . .

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Like many potential new parents you will want to rethink your house and its decoration. You are encouraged to make it safe, bond over colour schemes or maybe argue!

Yes, this was us, no different to anyone else. We knew we were pregnant and a rough date of when this new visitor would come but that was about it.

We had recently moved into our house and it needed our own stamp – it was perfectly adequate as it was but without our own identity.

There’s nothing like working to a deadline especially when this ‘deadline’ would arrive whether we liked it or not.

You never really know the luxury of time until you don’t have it anymore and this is how it felt. Stripping paper, sanding, ripping up carpet, more sanding, runs to the tip, sanding. 

The house was decorated top to bottom – and in time…


Our new baby, who we now knew was going to be a girl, had her very own bedroom.

Fast forward two years of:

  • No sleep
  • Running up and down stairs with milk
  • Pacing / singing / crying
  • Baby sick
  • Worse than baby sick
  • Sticky fingers
  • Wheels on the bus
  • Baby not going anywhere near her amazing bedroom
  • Boxes of ‘stuff’ – just endless ‘stuff’ – bouncers, crawlers, changing tables, clothes
  • Pushchairs

On top of all of this we were trying to run a business.

When I said earlier about the feeling of no time – Triple it.

Two years had flown by so fast there was no time to think. So the odd scuff and mark went by unrepaired.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, you just do not have the time or energy to keep on top of general house maintenance. It is very low priority even though it eats you inside.

And then there are the things you love… (I don’t mean people, but those irrelevant, material things that you get very attached to)

For me it’s my beloved, very organized, very expensive record collection that I have passionately cooed over for many years. I’m very proud to own some of the most collectable records (In my opinion) for anyone who loved music in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Even the noughties threw out some decent albums.

Record collection

I’m hoping you are gasping with horror with the prospect of my next few lines of this horrific disregard to my music collection by my beautiful daughter.

My daughter loved to pull all the records out.


‘Cute’ I hear you cry? But then she worked out that if she squeezed the case the record would fall out and she loved nothing better than pushing it along my wooden floor.

Now I hear you say ‘Ouch’ – Yes ouch – many albums destroyed.

My solution was so simple and cheap but it looks awful. Very long straps wrap around the albums (a bit like luggage straps)

It worked!! My mint copy of the Beatles White album (complete with original photos of the fab 4) was safe, right down to my guilty pleasure of ZZ Tops Afterburner album – All safe

The world can breathe again!

The same applies to your car. Once upon a time your car was your independence, it was probably the most expensive thing you’d ever bought and you looked after it. Now it was a dumping ground for food wrappers and very sticky fingers not to mention a storage facility for pushchairs and other bulky items.

I remember back in the 90’s, Sunday was a day to do nothing but clean and polish your car. I had a 205 GTI and it was immaculate. I would have been horrified to think of the ground in biscuits that you now ignore twenty years later.

But now, two years on we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I promise you that we never thought we’d see the light again, but we are. It may be a pinprick but it is definitely there.

Another place close to my heart is the garage – and that has recently been overhauled. All my tools are away and tidy. I know where everything lives.

Okay, that sounds a little OCD but to me it was the start of seeing the light… and this is the important part – the realisation of ‘seeing the light’.

Even talking about redecoration is confirmation of the light.

And to finally wrap this up – just look at your son or daughter. It’s worth every scuff and scratch isn’t it?

Dad and Daughter

To have my little girl run up to me when I get home from work really does clarify that records are just bits of plastic and that biscuit will clean out of carpet and walls can be painted really easily.

My daughter now goes up to my records collection and gently taps the speaker – this is her asking for me to play her music and she dances to it.

What an amazing gift back to me…




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