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Snoozing Mouse Luxury Baby Gifts - Our First Year in Business

As we approach our first anniversary of launching Snoozing Mouse, we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at the triumphs and achievements we’ve made over the last 12 months.

Just go for it . . .

After a year of working hard, preparing and planning, we decided go for it!

First day in business

31st October 2015 was our Launch Day – it was so exciting – it was a point of no return. It was more than pride at stake and once we’d pressed the green go button, there was no turning back, it was a great (although a little scary) feeling.


Not knowing what to expect, we received our first orders on launch day. The feeling of achievement was amazing.

Google – Easy Right?

Trying to master Google and SEO or (Search Engine Optimisation) was and still is a full time job in itself.

Thanks to Google changing algorithms frequently, something that was a sure fire way to rank on Page 1, no longer works… and training courses and the information you were taught a year ago is no longer valid. We sourced professional coaching and have learnt techniques to rank well within Google.

Ranking high in Google is working progress! It requires constant attention.

Never work with Children or Animals!

We underestimated how challenging and time consuming it would be to produce high quality product photography.

New Baby Hat

Hats do not stay on little peoples’ heads for long and you need to be quick on the camera!

We have received fantastic feedback on our images and videos. All the hours and bribing with chocolate paid off!

Seeing Snoozing Mouse Overseas

We were excited and proud when our products reached babies in, America, Australia and Spain. It always brightens our day when we receive photos of babies wearing our Snoozing Mouse products in other countries.

Dragons Den’s Theo Paphitis SBS Award

We were thrilled when Theo Paphitis chose Snoozing Mouse Luxury Baby Gifts as the winner for his SBS (Small Business Sunday) Award.

Each week on Twitter the business entrepreneur reviews and chooses his favourite six businesses which he then retweets to his 500K followers which provides a massive boost to the chosen businesses.

As a result of being selected, Snoozing Mouse gained more than 100 new followers on Twitter and saw an increase in website hits.

What’s next at Mouse House? 

The next 12 months will continue to be challenging for us. We are constantly designing and creating new products. We pride ourselves on the presentation of our products, attention to detail and the overall customer experience.

Setting up and running a business is incredibly rewarding and equally hard work, there is never a dull moment!


Believe in yourself, your product and never give up

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