The Corporate Baby Gifting Minefield

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 You’re probably all too familiar with the drill; a member of your team is due to bring new life into the world and you are tasked with finding THE gift!

Something that perfectly says “thank you, we really value you”, while at the same time makes it clear that you are delighted that they are having a baby.

Something that shows you have put real thought into it, while at the same time hasn’t wasted you (or worse your staff!) hours of tedious and unsuccessful browsing.

Something personal and memorable (because we all want to be remembered for our gift choices), while at the same time that isn’t TOO personal so that it over-steps that employee:employer line.

Something that isn’t obviously better than the gift that Jane from accounts got last week when she had her baby!

Something quality and beautiful and useful and, phew!… With a requirements list this exhausting, it’s no wonder corporate baby gifting is such a minefield!

Luckily help is at hand. Buying baby gifts from a single, luxury, online provider is becoming THE way to buy for businesses. In a nutshell, you know exactly what you are buying and it’s a much easier process.

Once you know a supplier, you can trust in their quality so you know that every gift will be beautiful and will be beautifully packaged. Luxury baby gifts are special. The elegant packaging lets you know a treat is in store. A touch of a super-soft baby blanket is enough to melt the hardest heart. Gifts like these let your employee know that you genuinely value them and instantly put you to the top of the memorable gift pile.

The gifts have a genuine personal touch, especially if your provider is a small, independent, boutique business. It means the end of the standard bunch of flowers or Mothercare gift voucher and instead a gift put together with care and thought.

Your business can ensure consistency, it means that everyone can receive similar gifts of a set value and there’s no risk of people getting gift-envy! It’s also so much more efficient to use a single provider, the stress of not knowing where to buy from is totally removed and it minimises time wasted; a quick browse on your providers’ site is an altogether more pleasant experience than trawling through endless websites or traipsing up and down the high street. Plus, you can have your own account, so even the finance side is streamlined.

Businesses often like to buy the hampers for their employees. Not only are they exciting to receive and to unwrap, but they contain a lovely variety of products perfect for the expectant parent; from gorgeously soft towels, to adorable cuddly toys, to tiny sleepsuits and hats. Also, popular with businesses is to include something just for mum as well as for the little one. It shows that you are really thinking of your employee and not simply focusing on the baby (and yes, this applies if it’s a paternity gift too, thinking of the new mum will give extra-brownie points in this case too!). At Snoozing Mouse we specialise in the corporate gifting market, providing several appropriate options that are caring and thoughtful without being too overfamiliar. 

With corporate baby gifting it’s so important to get it right, you want your employee to know you value them at this crucial time in their lives and the gift speaks volumes. 



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