Working Remotely - Maternity & Paternity Virtual Celebration

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In 2021, working remotely is now very much the ‘new normal’, we have adapted to accommodating virtual Christmas parties and managed important meetings via Zoom or Teams etc. So, with more and more people/colleagues/clients/suppliers working remotely it is important to adapt in the office routines and make them work virtually.

Workplace announcements and celebrations are important for retaining the tight bond of a close knit ‘team’ but are also a way to create some normality in this strange new way of working and communicating.

Coming together remotely for a maternity/paternity celebration is a lovely way to share the exciting news, say thank you and connect with each other on a personal level. It is easy to add these announcements on the back of a long meeting where people may not be as engaged. Looking back to pre-covid days, such announcements would be justified as its own important event and not something attached to the end of a long work meeting.

It is important to share news, celebrate and interact with positive stories and not leave anyone feeling isolated and deflated about their new baby announcement. It is a huge, life changing event and deserves the correct level of celebration.

An advantage to having a virtual maternity/paternity celebration event is that no one needs to travel, and you can include workers from other locations who may have missed out before.

Snoozing Mouse can create a beautiful, unique baby hamper and send it directly to your recipient with a personal message and ‘do not open until’ instructions ready for your virtual event.

personalised lamb baby hamper

If you would like more information or help choosing your special gift, please email, we would love to hear from you!


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